• Bortziriak 
    Las Cinco Villas

    a 0 Km

  • Etxalar

    a 10 Km

  • Parque Natural
    del Señorío de Bertiz

    a 23 Km

  • Hondarribia - Fuenterrabía

    a 20 Km

  • Cueva de Zugarramurdi

    a 17 Km


Our town is located in the northwest of the province of Navarre, on the banks of the river Bidasoa, on the border with Lapurdi and Gipuzkoa. Bera, together with Arantza, Etxalar, Igantzi and Lesaka, forms the district of Bortziriak (Five villages).

The town of Bera has an interesting urban area full of buildings of great heritage value. Some of them were inhabited by illustrious families, such as the Itzea house of the Baroja family. The Town Hall, a Baroque building with polychrome murals with allegorical motifs by Julio Caro Baroja, stands out.

The original language is Basque, and the dialect is Northern High Navarrese. Basque has official status, and 70% of the inhabitants are Basque speakers.

Bortziriak – Five Villages region

We are in the region of the Cinco Villas, a beautiful and beautiful region. In Arantza, its Gothic-Renaissance church and the medieval tower house of Aranibar stand out. In Igantzi there is a Nature Reserve where we find the cave-hermitage of San Juan-Xar or San Juan Zahar, a small natural grotto enlarged by human hands. There is a tradition of drinking water from the three springs, which some say has curative effects.

Next stop from these two villages is Ventas de Etxalar, which takes us to the village of Etxalar with its magnificent hamlet and beautiful church in whose cemetery there are magnificent medieval funerary stelae. But Etxalar is also famous for its pigeon nets, which use an ancestral system of nets to hunt sultana pigeons. From here you can go to see the witches' caves of Zugarramurdi and its Witches' Museum, but we will return to the N-121A, to cross the Bidasoa again and reach the beautiful Lesaka, where there are many stately homes and two medieval towers, as well as the Iron and Forge Centre.

The Cantabrian coast is close by, both on the Spanish and French sides, with Saint Jean-de-Luz, Hendaye, Hondarribia and Donostia and its beaches stand out.

Enjoy every corner

Near Bera you can visit different natural spots of great tourist interest. Here are some of them.

Rack train of Larun

| 8 km |

Larun, Basque Mountain. At an altitude of 905 metres, Larun, an emblematic mountain in the Basque Country, offers one of the most beautiful panoramas imaginable (it is rated 3 stars in the Michelin guide). Our gaze travels over ...

Caves of Sara

| 12 km |

Sare in French, Sara in Basque, is a French town and commune located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, in the Aquitaine region, near the Bay of Biscay (Saint-Jean-de-Luz is 14 km away). It belongs to the historical Basque-French territory of Lapurdi.

Lordship of Bertiz

| 17 km |

This fabulous botanical garden with blackbirds, squirrels and seven species of woodpeckers stands out in this Natural Park in the western Navarrese Pyrenees next to the river Bidasoa with large, well-preserved trees in the municipality of Oieregi.

Live every moment

In our area there are many different and peculiar events:  Carnival with shepherds and nannies, parade of floats on Carnival Monday, iñude eta artzaiak, Craft Fair, Earth Day ... But our village offers more things. We show you some of the events that are celebrated these days in our area.

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